GB Road Importação e Exportação, a company founded by experts and entrepreneurs who have worked in agribusiness for over twenty years, emerged in 2022 to optimize the sector's demands and represents the fruitful relationship between Brazil and Georgia, a country with a safe, traditional and fully open for business.

Result of the combination of five business and participation companies, its partners have experience in the robust national and international distribution network of inputs and food, responsible for more than two hundred distribution points in nineteen national states and with another twenty distribution centers in the most renowned Paraguayan market.

Due to the close relationship between partners and large partners based in the best mining sources in the world, GB Road Importação e Exportação has qualified as one of the only operators directly linked to the restricted market in Qatar, country of origin of the best global urea.

The company obtained the desired Unlimited Importer qualification, thus being able to transact internationally volumes of national impact and, considering the large import of urea from Brazil, it already has demand for billions of tons of the product to supply and boost Brazilian agriculture.

In this scenario, we have a complete team to support the entire TRADE and maritime logistics process, from ship docking, unloading equipment, maritime transshipment, tugs, cabotage, logistics and storage with static capacity of up to 300 thousand tons of macro and micro nutrients to supply the strong and growing demand of agribusiness through its distributors, large and small industries, cooperatives, agricultural retailers and producers.

GB Road Importação e Exportação is a Brazilian company, with the credibility and solidity of those who have worked for Brazil for more than decades, gained access to Eurasian markets with direct links to the best importers in Georgia and Qatar and is ready to establish a virtuous cycle of opportunities and development in the input supply chain for Brazil and the world.

GB Road, a commitment company.

We empower companies and individuals to achieve their goals through access to high-quality products from around the world. Through ethical negotiations, trusted partnerships and efficient processes, we facilitate international transactions that drive economic growth and innovation.

We are a diverse team of professionals who share the vision of creating a world where borders are not obstacles, but opportunities. With in-depth knowledge of international markets and a solid network of trading partners, we are equipped to face the dynamic challenges of global trade.​

Integrity: We base our operations on solid ethical principles, acting with honesty, transparency and responsibility in all interactions. Innovation: We embrace change and constantly strive to deliver creative and effective solutions that exceed expectations. Partnership: We value long-term relationships and work closely with clients and partners, building bonds based on mutual trust. Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from product selection to providing exceptional service to our customers.​

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